Kellie Lynn’s Esthetics


All Facials include deep pore cleansing, extractions, professional exfoliants, customized masks, moisture-balancing and facial massage. 

Facial Menu:

MICRODERMABRASION (our Specialty!) - $100

Anti-Aging Chemical Peels - $100

Acne Treatments - $100

Microderm + Peel-aka MicroPeel - $125

Papaya/Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliant + Vitamin C  - $90

Back Facial - MicroPeel  - $115

Microdermabrasion Face + Back - $150

*Package Options available!! See Specials page*

Your Guide to which treatment we suggest for your skin type:

(just suggestions, all treatments are customized to what your skin needs)

If you are Oily, suffering from occasional to regular breakouts - Acne Facial

If you are Oily, and in need of serious deep pore cleansing- Salicylic Peel

If you are Dry, suffering from occasional to regular breakouts - Microderm

If you are Dry with bumpy texture, dull and thick skin- Microderm

If you are dry, wrinkled and want to stimulate radiance- Glycolic Peel

If you are Pigmented and looking to lighten age/sun spots - microderm

If you are looking for gentle yet effective - Enzymes

If you are ready for Maximum Exfoliation - Microderm + Peel


*Decision not necessary prior to booking, together we will decide what you need!

 Facial Waxing Services:

Brows $22

Lip $15

Nostrils $15

Chin/Jawline $20

1414 H Street, Sacramento, CA95814


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