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Kellie Lynn Funk


Licensed Esthetician since 2005


Entering the beauty industry at age 14, Kellie began as a salon receptionist at Regent Street Salon in old Fair Oaks. Twenty years later, after completing Esthetics and Massage Therapy education and countless hours of anatomy research and continuing education, she opened her own salon in the Arden area.  Kellie Lynn's Esthetics continues to evolve and is now located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento, just blocks from our State Capitol.  Within Byuti Salon and Spa, you will find a retreat dedicated to consistent work and research to find the best strategy and most successful results in skin care and body work.


Specializing in professional exfoliants and extractions, acne treatments and microdermabrasion, Kellie customizes each treatment for each client to achieve maximum results.  Strong ingredients produce strong results, therefore we utilize Image Skincare and Skinceuticals products.  We believe that simplicity is key in skin care and strive to bring your skin to it's fullest potential with a less products, more results philosophy.  It's all about ingredients, moisture balance and exfoliation!


Kellie lives in midtown Sacramento with her husband and two fur babies, Tina and Colby.  she enjoys quality family time with her large family, all from Sacramento.  She is a huge supporter of her hometown and loves the Sacramento Kings!

Tina and Colby

Tina and Colby

1414 H Street, Sacramento, CA95814


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